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New York Jets Nightmare Off-Season Continues With Mike Goodson Arrest

New York Jets Nightmare Off-Season Continues With Mike Goodson Arrest

This was supposed to be the new drama-free New York Jets, with the departure of locker room cancer Darrelle Revis and evangelical savior Tim Tebow, the Jets carnival show was supposed to end. Instead the Jets brass decided to draft diva quarterback Geno Smith in the 2nd round of the draft and veteran quarterback David Garrard who was supposed to become the number one quarterback retired because of knee issues. It looks like Mark Sanchez will once again be the starting quarterback for the anemic Jets offense and one can imagine the loud boos he will hear as he enters the Jets stadium for the first time this season.

A quarterback’s best friend is a solid running game and the Jets thought they had a game breaking running back in Mike Goodson. However, Goodson was just arrested with marijuana and loaded semi-automatic weapons found in his car.

The arrest of Goodson is just another blow to the Jets fortunes before the season even starts. Yeah I know that the Jets also acquired former Saints running back Chris Ivory in a draft day trade but Ivory has yet to show that he can be an every down back. Who on the Jets will scare opposing defenses now that their best player Santonio Holmes is coming off a season ending injury?

Jets fans better get themselves ready for a Xanax filled regular season as the Jets look to be one of the worst teams in the NFL. The Jets and the Jaguars will be competing with each other for whose offense looks more comical. Expect to see Mark Sanchez getting booed louder than any professional football player in recent memory. There is only two words that can turn Jets fans frowns upside down; Jadeveon Clowney.

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