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A New Quarterback in Cleveland?

A New Quarterback in Cleveland?

Just a short while into the second half of Sunday’s game, Jason Campbell went down with an apparent injury that will likely keep him on the sideline for at least a week. Quarterback Brandon Weeden, the heart and soul of Cleveland Browns fans everywhere, is likely to start on Sunday, despite his 0-4 record as a starter. From the looks of it, the Browns offense is stagnant without a quarterback who can be mobile in and out of the pocket. Brian Hoyer showed that the Browns offense had life when he led his team to consecutive wins early in the season, before he went down with an ACL tear. Jason Campbell, before he hurt his ribs against the Baltimore Ravens, played stellar football. Since his injury, Campbell has looked inefficient and scared to leave the pocket, literally channeling his inner Brandon Weeden. With Campbell out, the Browns will likely look at free agent quarterbacks in case Weeden happens to go down; something that would terrorize the heart of every Cleveland fan ever so let’s all hope Weeden doesn’t suffer an injury. Make blood sacrifices and get your lucky rabbit feet immediately. Here are three quarterbacks who would look good on the Browns sideline this coming Sunday.


Matt Leinart

Matt Leinart, the former USC Heisman winner, has had a storied career to this point in his life, and not in a good way. Leinart had an extraordinary college career and was picked 10 by the Arizona Cardinals, despite his weak arm. Leinart quickly lost his job to future hall-of-famer Kurt Warner and hasn’t held a sturdy position since. A few games in Houston and a short stint in Oakland led to a preseason appearance with Buffalo, though he was cut after one game. Leinart is my least favorite option of the three due to limited mobility, but still a solid backup after all his experience.


Vince Young

Vince Young has followed a mold slightly similar to Leinart’s, being a college star whose play hasn’t really translated well to the NFL. Being drafted seven picks before Leinart in the same draft, Young went on to win rookie of the year, mainly due to his rushing statistics. It’s his rushing ability that would make him a good candidate for the Browns backup role, as Hoyer and Campbell’s temporary play showed that the offense needs a mobile quarterback to operate. Speaking of mobile quarterbacks…


Tim Tebow!!!!

Earlier this season, there were reports that Tebow was sighted at Cleveland’s airport, and of course that got people talking. Tebow isn’t your ideal NFL quarterback, but the intangibles he brings with him are pertinent when trying to form a winning team. Tebow isn’t the best quarterback (he’s not much of a quarterback at all to be honest) but his inspired play tends to make his whole team perform better, hence the Denver Broncos playoff appearance with Tebow at the helm. It all comes down to the mobility he brings, which is exceptional in almost every facet of a running quarterback’s game. The biggest downside would be the media circus Tebow brings with him wherever he goes, but there’s little to no press in Cleveland as there is so it’s not really a bad thing.

Expect the Browns front office to sign someone within the next several days, be it one of the three aforementioned names, or a veteran quarterback like David Carr or Byron Leftwich. The truth is, when Weeden is your current starter, it’s never a bad move to actually make a move.

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